“Do you know how much power you use?”



Do you know how much power you use? With Journey2Green, you will be able to say, “Yes!” because with our awareness service, we measure your energy usage with complete accuracy so that you are either ready for the next step in your journey to green or armed with the knowledge you need to take the power back into your own hands.



Wouldn’t it be amazing to start eliminating electrical waste in your journey to green? Not only will you cut back on costs but also not use as much electricity generated by fossil fuels. In fact, you can experience up to a 25% reduction with Journey2Green.

Want to have Wessel help you to take the reins away from your local utility company?



Journey2Green can help you to reduce your energy usage by up to 50% with this service. Not only will you save the planet, but your wallet as well. Together we will focus on your appliances, geysers, borehole pumps, making your lighting much more efficient, and more.
Want Wessel to come and eliminate your electricity waste?



This is not the end destination. In fact, it’s only the beginning of your glorious journey to green. Once we have measured your energy usage, taken control and reduced it, we can switch you to solar power.


Journey2Green offers:

Financing – your switch to solar power shouldn’t have to cost you the planet… or even money.

Maintenance – Something not working correctly? You don’t have to do a thing.

Zero Risk – Hail, theft, and other damage costs are all on Journey2Green.

Storage – Have the power you need whenever you need it, not only during the daytime.

Solar Solution – This is the real deal: the power of the sun in your hands, or rather, on your roof. With the solar solution, you will never have to be at the mercy of the whims of your local electricity supplier and you will save your wallet and the planet at the same time.