Going green is a journey and, as with any journey,  you first plan it with a clear starting point and an end destination.

 Journey2Green understands this journey and we have the right operational model covering people, processes, and tools to make sure your journey is taken care of.  We have seen in our industry that some solution providers view the act of a plant reaching its Commercially Operating Date to be the end destination of going solar. For Journey2Green, this is the start date because we know that the real end destination is at the close of the expected life of the asset – in 25 years.

Wessel Wessels began Journey2Green because of his background in renewable energy. He has been involved in this sector, which is around 10 years old in South Africa, for more than 6 years.

This includes his time as CEO of BrightBlack Energy, COO of Distributed Power Africa, and various other industry bodies. He also brings more than 25-years of business experience, mostly linked to innovative technology strategies and mature operational models.

He has an unshakeable belief that we still have time to both halt and reverse climate change. You see it around you – the weather patterns of many regions are not what they used to be. Cape Town’s water crisis is proof. This is why Wessel wants as many people as possible to join his revolution. Become a part of the change that this planet needs.