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The Smarter Way To Switch Your Business To Solar Power

There are numerous renewable energy companies in South Africa to help you switch to solar power, many of which are legitimate businesses that are not out to scam you. Not being scammed is always a step in the right direction, if you ask me. But there are ways to switch to solar power and then there are smart ways to switch to solar power. There is a very clear distinction here.

A Lean Approach Renewable Energy Company Will Save You Money On Installation
Many renewable energy companies in South Africa have too long a value chain. As it stands, the value chain starts at the manufacturer, going through the distribution networks, needing someone to close the deal, and the chain ends with the third-party installers. By the time the customer receives the solution, everyone in the value chain has added their 5 or 10% margin. This is why I work closely with all my clients to see how we can shorten the value chain. Journey2Green has a lean approach to business plus all the expertise and experience of a large EPC, which means that we will save you money when you make the switch to solar power with us. Start the conversation with me and we will work together to shorten the value chain so that you can save when you switch to solar power.

Need More Reasons To Switch To Renewable Energy? No Tariff Increases!
I am not one for doom and gloom. My glass is usually half full. But there’s a time for optimism and a time to face facts. Make no mistake. Eskom’s recently NERSA-approved tariff increases will spell the end for a multitude of companies, and the currently shocking unemployment figure will be tame in comparison when these companies meet their ultimate end. It is heart-breaking to think that the most vulnerable citizens of South Africa will be hit the hardest due to the mismanagement and corruption of a utility company that was supposed to be an integral part of both the country’s growth and the people’s prosperity. The divide between those who have and those who have not will become more and more pronounced, and if history is anything to go by, we have the makings of social unrest and uprisings. You can help prevent this scenario by switching your business to solar power and by sharing this article with those you know. It stands to reason that the more businesses that move over to renewable energy in South Africa, the more unlikely the worst-case scenario becomes.

The bottom line? No matter how you go about it, you have to move your business away from the upcoming tariff increases if you want to lock in current electricity prices. Renewable energy in South Africa is on the rise because many business owners are fully aware of this impending doom. Get in touch with me today to see how cost-effective it is to switch your company to solar power. Be sure to ask me about J2G’s 100% financing option as well.

Photo by Angie Warren on Unsplash

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