NERSA Restrictions Lifted To 10MW – A Step In The Right Direction

Shopping centres, large corporations, mines, and factories ─ listen up! Not only did our Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe, give NERSA the right to license 500MW worth of small-scale embedded generation installations without signing it off, but he also lifted the size restriction from 1MW to 10MW. This is exactly the size of solar installation that a large business, shopping centre, mine, or even a factory needs. This means that the savings made possible through commercial solar is now within your grasp.

Why Solar Power For A Business Makes So Much More Sense Than Solar Power For A Home

Businesses and organisations already have an advantage when it comes to solar power. If you operate during business hours, you clearly operate during the hours of sunlight. This drastically decreases the need for energy storage, which is, at the time of this writing, still a more expensive option than a solar power installation without storage. Therefore, commercial solar is a financially viable option. Of course, the need for energy storage will vary from business to business, which is why Journey2Green looks at every case of commercial solar individually.

How Can I Switch My Business To Solar Power Without Spending A Fortune?

First off, contact Journey2Green. We can save you further costs with our 0% upfront investment. That’s right, you can switch your business over to commercial solar power with a full solar solution and pay nothing upfront. Journey2Green goes all-out for you. We offer the financing, the equipment, and the experience. We set up inverters, manage your outputs, and co-ordinate the balance between on and off grid relations. All you need to do is decide how you will allocate your electricity savings. Since NERSA recently approved Eskom’s hefty tariff hikes, your savings will only increase over time. Contact Wessel today.

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