Solar Power

Why Renewable Energy Is The Answer To Universal Access To Power

We’ve come so far with technology over the last century that it’s easy to wonder what the future holds. You might imagine self-driving electric cars on highways, and high-rise buildings that are designed to seamlessly integrate technology with renewable energy to ensure productivity in the workplace. We hope for a future where people living in rural areas will also have access to renewable energy to improve their lives and create new jobs to sustain their communities. Because of this dream we all share, universal access to energy is a topic that pops up often. But how close are we to achieving universal access to energy?

The Investment Needed
It’s a reality that everything in the modern world costs money. So if you want access to fresh, clean water, then you will need to pay another human being for the time spent in ensuring that you are supplied with it. The same principle applies to clean, reliable energy. There is a certain amount of capital that will be needed for the design, installation, and maintenance, so how much investment will be needed for universal access to electricity? As seen in the graph below, Bloomberg’s research shows that we will need USD 300 billion to achieve that by 2030. I am not sure if provision for population growth is included in this calculation, but it is still a staggering amount.

The Cost Of Grid Extensions
Another interesting statistic that the aforementioned research reveals is that grid extension doesn’t come cheaply – it can be as high USD 2,000 per connection!

This is a major stumbling block for universal access to power, and those of us working outside the city limits can attest to the difficulty of getting Eskom to fix connections when they are down for any reason. The solution? Generate your power where it is needed by installing a solar solution for your organisation. This is not only the most cost-effective option, but it is also the fastest to implement.

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