Super Group Reduces Carbon Footprint with Union Power and Journey2Green

Super Group, a supply chain mobility company revolving around the optimisation of supply chain processes and vehicle fleets with a strong IT focus and technology underpin, took the steps to go green in October of 2018. To do so, they enlisted the partnership of Union Power and Journey2Green, and embarked on a journey that will span 25 years. Completion of the project was at their head office in Sandton. “We decided to go solar as a cost saving initiative,” Luigi Maione, Procurement Manager of Super Group, told us.
The solution, bought outright by Super Group, is a grid-tied solution, which allows them to take advantage of the clean and inexpensive power from the Sun. Wessel Wessels of Journey2Green elaborated on the more technical side of the project: “They have a complex roof, so we selected an inverter technology provided by SolarEdge, which will handle the complexity of the roof. The panels have different orientations because there were potential issues around the shading with the magnificent trees on the property.” Since they did not want to cause any harm to the trees, they designed the solution so that even if the surrounding trees create shadows on the panels, it will not affect the entire solution and the effects will be limited to only the one panel.
Mark Gander from Union Power told us more about the technical aspects of the solution: “We used a solar edge technology totalling 126.72 kwp and used 4 x 27.6 kw SolarEdge inverters at a total of three hundred and eighty-four 330 w Canadian solar panels with generator integration. The solution is designed to assist the grid. If you are taking, for example, 10 units from Eskom, you will take 4 units and solar will provide 6 units. Solar provides 30% or 40% of what is consumed from the grid. There is no switching over, it’s tied into the incoming feed from the council.”
When it comes to the financial aspect of going solar, Super Group’s expected payback period for this project is less than 4 years. They also expect to see a saving of R216, 000 in the first year alone. Over the full 25-year period, they will see a R15 million saving. This is against a projected 7% annual increase from Eskom. It is worth noting that this estimate is conservative considering that Eskom wants a 30% increase in 2019 with a minimum 15% increase over the next three years. If Eskom is granted the 30% increase in 2019 and, thereafter, they are awarded a 7% increase, the payback period of Super Group’s new solar installation will be less than three years. In this scenario, the savings will be R267 000 in year one with a R21 million saving over the lifetime of the solution.
When we asked Luigi how Super Group felt about the experience of partnering with Journey2Green and Union Power, he said, “It was great dealing with them. Everything worked out according to plan.” With these savings and the partnership of Journey2Green and Union Power on Super Group’s side, they are set to have an even brighter future ahead of them. You can contact Journey2Green at 082 414 2798 or fill in the form on https://www.journey2.green/contact-us/.

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