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Lessons Learned In The Solar Industry

It’s the end of the year and usually during this most wonderful time of the year, you also have a little time for reflection. This year is no different and I thought that I would share this reflection with you in the form of an article, the one you are reading right now, of course. Here are the 5 lessons I have learned by being actively involved with the solar industry for the past seven years.

It Is Now The Best Time To Invest Solar

At the start of this year, everyone said that solar power has reached the lowest level of pricing that it can reach. We still saw more than a 10% decrease in solar panel pricing, but we have not seen the 20 – 30% as we did in previous years and this told me that there is still a little room to move to solar as far as costs are concerned. However, even with this in mind, it appears that we have reached the bottom of the curve. We will not see the steep 20% decreases anymore. If you were thinking about waiting another year, you might as well not. The time to invest in solar has arrived as there is no reason to wait for cheaper pricing.

The Value Chain Can Be More Lean

I believe that the value chain is too long. The value chain starts at the manufacturer, going through the distribution networks, needing someone to close the deal, and the chain ends with the third-party installers. By the time the customer receives the solution, everyone in the value chain has added their 5 or 10% margin. This is why I want to work closely with my customers to see how we can shorten the value chain. This will result in a more cost-effective solar solution for the customer. Start the conversation with me and we will work together to shorten the value chain so that you can save when you switch to solar power. With my company, Journey2Green, you will have all the expertise and experience of a big EPC, but since we have a lean approach to business, we will save you money when you make the switch to solar power.

The Similarities Between The IT Industry And The Solar Industry

There are so many similarities between the solar industry and the IT industry, and one of these that really struck me was the competitive side of the market. As competitive as the price of solar panels (let’s call it the hardware) have become, so will the financial offerings also become competitive. There are new players coming to the market in terms of finance and so a company can help a customer decide on the best financial offering in the market for their specific needs.  Also, be sure to read my other article about the correlations I see between the IT and Solar industries for more lessons I have learned over the years.

Eskom’s Problems

I am not one for doom and gloom and my glass is usually half full. But there is a time for carefree optimism and a time to face hard facts and be realistic. Eskom is in trouble. You and I both know that the situation worsened for Eskom during 2018. We should start taking control of our destiny and one of the most effective ways to do so is to become less reliant on outside forces. Eskom’s main issues: mismanagement of funds, lack of funds to maintain and add infrastructure, coal that was rained on – all of these factors that are outside of your control still affect you all the same. I have learned that is time for South Africans to take control and eliminate all of these issues. We all hope that something good will happen for Eskom in 2019, after all, we are all in this situation together.

Give Back To Your Customers

I have noticed that quite a number of overseas companies that were competing with local suppliers in South Africa have shut their doors for good. This is because customers in South Africa are supporting their local businesses more and more. Local is lekker, after all! Corporations in South Africa now have the social responsibility to embark upon their “journey to green” and give back to the communities that chose them as their preferred supplier.  

The main lesson I have learned this year is that the “journey to green” is the only way forward for South Africa. Let me put you on this journey right through from planning up to the final destination. Come and walk this 25-year journey with me by filling out the form on the Contact page.

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