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How We Can Ensure That Solar Power Becomes The Dominant Source Of Energy

Do you feel it?
Time is running out on fossil fuel – it always has been. It is a limited resource, after all. And for those of us living in South Africa, time is running out in a different way as well. Mismanagement of public funds and a failing local service provider that wants to increase their tariffs at the expense of the public in order to not collapse in on itself contribute to this. It is time for us to not only switch over to a renewable source of energy but to also ensure that it becomes the dominant source of energy for all. We all know that it’s the only logical step and yet the change over is not as fast as it should be. So then, you may ask, how can we ensure that solar power will be the dominant source of energy, not only in South Africa, but also the world?
Technology Solar power has come a long way and this is why we see a drop in prices and an increase in energy generation per square meter space used. The trend is to maximise the available space, so it is all about density per square meter. With each passing year, we can see more of the same trends but only if more people invest in solar power. We can’t escape the fact that the market dictates where development goes. If nobody is interested in solar power, nobody will research or develop it further.
Energy Storage
One of the factors standing in the way of solar power adoption is the ability to store electricity for times when the sun doesn’t shine. This happens a few hours once a day, of course, and for a portion of the evening and night we cook food, have the lights on to see where we are going and what we are doing, and entertain ourselves after a long day of work or school. The projection is that Lithium, the ideal chemical for solar Storage (Batteries), will decrease close to 20% per annum for the next 3-5 years. Our suggestion is to look at more cost effective technologies now and then upgrade to Lithium (or newer technologies) at a later stage. The core system must be adaptable in order to support any chemical for a latter upgrade to more cost effective battery technology.
Demand Management
To use the power that is generated from the sun first is the most cost effective source of energy available today. Our service does exactly that in making sure that we optimally use the power from the sun. Coupled to this, solar generation must be monitored at all times in order to perform at its best and ensure that you achieve the yields you expect from you solar investment. At Journey2Green, we are all about Intelligent Energy Management and Monitoring; this is where our Journey2Green mature operational models comes in.
Finance One of the biggest stumbling blocks to date has been the initial capital investment necessary for the switch to solar power. This is becoming less of a problem nowadays with financial institutions becoming more willing to finance solar power. We are continuously not just looking at new innovative ways of financing solar but we also test the products available in the market, including Commercial Financial Institutes and Private Investors. Our engagement models cover a wide range, from where the customer finances and owns the solution himself to where Journey2Green owns, insures and manages the solution at a Zero Risk, Zero Investment basis.
Operations and Maintenance
As in any industry, there are charlatans who would sell you a solar solution and run away with your money leaving you stuck with a faulty, incomplete system. Without operations and maintenance as part of your solar solution, you will not maximise your return on investment and finance organisations won’t be able to minimise their risks. With Journey2Green, you start a partnership of 25 years and have a team who travel this road with you to ensure that you get the most out of your switch to solar power.
Another key element to full-scale adoption of solar power is awareness. Share this article with someone you know so that more people can be aware of the great need to do the right thing. 
Do not let time run out on your business’s ability to thrive.

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