Want To Take The Uncertainty Out Of Your Electricity Supply?

If you own any property in a rural area, be it a lodge, farm, or game park, or even if you run a business in the heart of a city, you may have run into higher than usual electricity bills and sometimes have had to deal with no power at all.

Since time waits for nobody and time is money, the act of relying on conventional methods of electricity generation simply makes no sense financially. To generate electricity where it is needed is far more cost effective, which is why we want to work closely with you because we can bring your costs down with our zero risk, zero cost solar solution.

With Solar, you will:


Never be at the mercy of the whims of your local electricity supplier again


Save your wallet by always paying less than you would have done for fossil fuelled power provided by your local government


Save the planet by radically reducing your carbon footprint


Get back your investment within the first 3 years of the lifespan of your solar solution

We offer you the chance to save on electricity costs and always have power to use, completely freed from the choices of your local municipality and utility company. We do this by helping you to make the switch to solar power with our zero risk, zero cost solution.

Our research has shown us that solar power will only decrease in price, and the technology will advance to enable it to be one of the most dominant sources of energy along with the other branches of renewable energy. We aim to assist as many people as we possibly can to already make the switch and in so doing still have a planet by the time everyone is on board.
• Zero Risk, Zero Upfront Cost decision;
• Solid technology with no single point of failure;
• Access to reliable cost-effective energy;
• Continuous innovation within this space. This means that you will not have to reinvent the wheel or be a Guinea Pig.